Buy Jamaica real estate online, learn the rudiments and process before and after the sale.
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After Buying Jamaica Real Estate:

This page is dedicated to Jamaica real estate and tips on home buying. If you intend to buy Jamaica real estate then this page is the authority resource. We post a featured article on Jamaica real estate home buying here each week and have other relevant Jamaica real estate links as well.


After You Buy Jamaica Real Estate

Worldwide Realtors has compiled a list of things that you need to do when you purchase Jamaica real estate.

Things to do:

- Install new locks to all doors and to all windows if needed.

- Cut an additional set of keys for the front entrance and rear entrance.

- Discard old fire alarms and extinguishers for the kitchen and install new ones.

- Replace the batteries in the smoke detectors.

- Take pictures of the Jamaica real estate property in its current state.

- Do all necessary repairs and maintenance on the Jamaica real estate as soon as possible.

- Schedule a visit from the pest detectors to check out if there is any damage in Jamaica real estate.

- Check all plumbing and all drainage to ensure Jamaica real estate integrity as water damage causes major structural damage.

- Remove old and install new and sturdy handrails to stairways as this is a major real estate hazard.

- Service all air conditioning equipment as heat is a major problem for Jamaica real estate sales.

- Ensure that child secure cabinets are installed to hold medicines, poisons and firearms.

- Properly store paints, solvents and gasoline in well-ventilated areas of the property.

- Install hurricane straps to the property where needed.

- Install water purifiers and a water tanks as water in the tap in Jamaica is not very clean.


There are other important matters to tend to when you have just purchased Jamaica real estate one such matter is to enact Jamaica real estate property insurance. This is easily achieved from several Jamaica real estate insurance firms.


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