Most houses for sale in Jamaica require a mortgage loan. Get the current rates offered by Jamaican Mortgage Banks.
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Mortgage Rates For Houses For Sale In Jamaica

Find Banking Loan Mortgage Rates In Jamaica

This page documents the interest rates on mortgage loans being offered to Jamaicans and to overseas applicants (where overseas applicants satisfy specific criteria) These rates are subject to change without notice on this site.



First Caribbean Bank

Jamaica National Building Society

Victoria Mutual Building Society

Scotia Jamaica Building Society

National Housing Trust


First Caribbean Intl Building Society Rates
5 Year Jamaica Real Estate Mortgage Rates 16%
10 Year Jamaica Real Estate Mortgage Rates 16-17%
30 Year Jamaica Real Estate Mortgage Rates 17-19%
Contact: 876-935-4714  
Victoria Mutual Building Society Rates
Gold Saver  16.50%
Bronze Saver  17.50%
Commercial  19-21%
HOME Plan  5.00%
Platinum Saver  16.00%
Silver  Saver  17.00%
Special Loan (UK)  10%
Step-In: Level 1  13.95%
Step-In: Level 2  15.50%
Tax-Free Master Saver  Variable  
Contact 876-754-8627  
Scotia Jamaica Building Society Rates
Home Improvement 16.65%
Home Improvement 17.50%
Homebuilder Mtge rate +2%
Instant Qualifier 16.65%
Non-Saver 17.50%
Real Estate Investment 18%
Residential Lot 16.65%
Residential Lot 17.50%
Special Switch Program 13.38%
Switch for Free Program 17.75%  
Contact: 876-922-3600  
National Housing Trust Rates
$2,400 - $5,500 per week  2%
$5,501 - $7,500 per week  3%
$7,501 - $10,000 per week 5%
$10,001 - $20,000 per week 7%  
Contact: 876-929-6500  
Jamaica National Building Society Rates
JN Home Start Express 14.75%
Non-First Time Home Owners 15%
JN Rate Advantage Loan 17% - 19%
Tenanted Residential Investment 19%
Home Enhancement Loan 15.50%
Home Equity Loan 16% - 19%
JN Reverse Mortgage 18%
Contact: 876-926-1344  
[email protected]  

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