Tips and hints on buying a house in Jamaica.
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How To Buy a House in Jamaica

Jamaica, known as the land of wood and water, is an island that is filled with beauty. It has a tropical climate and as a result is sunny and warm for majority of the year. It is also the third largest of the other islands that are a part of the Greater Antilles within the Caribbean. Jamaica has a rich and diverse culture, with many attractions that makes the country a greatly known tourist attraction.

To just mention a few of the attractions we can look at the 7 miles of white sand beach in Negril, which is found on the north-western coast and Dunnís River Falls which is near Ocho Rios, which many more in the surrounding areas such as River Tubing, Bob Marley Museum, etc. Being in Jamaica you will have access to a wide array of delicious dish such as rice and peas, ackee and salt fish, jerk chicken and pork, curried goat, etc.

Jamaica was made known all over the world by reggae stars such as Jimmy Cliff and late Bob Marley. Fans of Bob Marley are drawn to the country to visit his former home. Just as the country attracts tourists, buyers looking for properties are also drawn to Jamaica.

There are a wide variety of property types for sale in Jamaica, from large properties like 4 bedrooms or more, to 2 bedroom apartments. Jamaican real estate can be mostly found near the beach, urban and rural areas or on the slopes of hills and mountains.

Over the past 5 years also, there have been recent developments of residential areas. The residential areas now have features such as mail delivery, maintenance fees (makes the community be in good order), parks and community center present, 24hr security, etc.

Due to security concerns of investors and some residents, gated properties have become very popular in areas such as Kingston, Ocho Rios, etc. As a result, some houses in those areas are equipped with door grilles and roof grilles along with steel-based windows. Also considering that Jamaica is hurricane prone majority of the houses on the coasts have storm shutters equipped.

As Jamaica is now it is perfect for persons who want real estate to live and retire in Jamaica and even those who want to invest as prices are competitive now, all you have to do is get a realtor to get all the help you need.

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