What Jamaica real estate and property owners need to know.
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Jamaica Property Easements, Zoning and Valuation

Having land in your possession is always good no matter what you plan on doing with it. Another plus is that you can always improve the value of the house if you or any building type if you so desire. All you have to do is ensure that zoning restrictions are being abided by. One has more than one choice when dealing with property. For example they can either build for a cash flow or for their own personal needs. One should ensure that they consider all of these however when making their choices.

1. Easements
You should get a surveyor to finalize a report before you purchase any land. This will allow you to be able to not only mark off your land but to also determine the power the neighbors will need to cross your land. This will ensure that you will not have any issues with getting people off your property when you are ready to build on it.

2. Natural Hazards
One should find out if the property is on hazardous soil or has insect problems. One should also try to find out if the property where protected habitats are that will restrict building. You would also want to know if the area is prone for fires, flooding, landslide, or other hazards.

3. Utilities
It is important to know how available electricity and water is to the property location. You will also want to know how if the property is linked to a sewage system. This is all important as there is a price to set up such a facility and that is important to have in any property.

4. Zoning Restrictions
One should have a full understanding of the zoning restrictions and know how it will affect them and the plans they have for the property, if it be for income or one’s self. A full understanding of this will let one know what they will be allowed to build and as a result make the appropriate choice when choosing a property. It may also affect the value of your residence or building in the future.

5. Elevation
The elevation or slope that the property falls on will affect the foundation that will be used. As a result one should ensure that they get the property appraised and inspected by a professional to choose the best foundation.

6. Valuation
It is recommended that you get the property appraised so that you have an accurate value of the property before buying. To do this it is advised to with a Valuator though an actual real estate agency. You can always expect for there to be an appreciation in the value of your property in Jamaica as land is a limited resource which also increase in value the longer it is owned.

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