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Worldwide Realtors Launches Get Jamaica

On July 30, 2006 Worldwide Realtors Company Limited launched Get Jamaica which is geared towards breaking into the online commodity market. The site focuses on Jamaican food and recipes and is poised to break into the market advertising with major consumer farms on the web.


Get Trinidad goes online

In an attempt to broaden our depth into the Caribbean we have launched Get Trinidad Beta. A site still under construction the site focuses on delivering information about the twin island republic.


WWR Joins the FX Trading Market

VP of Special Projects Colin Scott announced that Worldwide Realtors had entered the FX Trading market by opening a corporate account with FXCM. Trading on the volatile market was hedged by engaging in carry trades in the Japan currency market seeing returns of over 70% P.A.


Cricket World Cup And Jamaica Real Estate

WWR will be seeking in the near future to bounce on the band by the JTB that pits Jamaica real estate and tourism. Not elaborating on this move VP Colin Scott mentioned continuous promotion of bed and breakfast accommodations in the country.


Worldwide Realtors LLC.

The company will be launched its US based company in Delaware in November 2006 in a move to carry its Jamaica real estate philosophy and practices to the USA.


Jamaica Real Estate On The Slow Down

Worldwide Realtors has joined the call for the Jamaican government to remove tariffs on cement importation as they continue to not only play folly with the construction sector but skews housing prices and forces down sales because of prohibitive Jamaica real estate costs.


Import Export Services

The company was resuscitated to handle another aspect of Jamaica real estate and investment. Importing and exporting will handle the sale of locally produced products such as tiles and home decor.

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