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Jamaica real estate home and property values are determined by several factors. Worldwide Realtors in this piece examines exactly what these factors are and thus helping to maximize the return on your Jamaica real estate investment. Jamaica real estate being assessed includes land, improvements attached to land or building and improvements to the land. The improvement of a driveway, installing a partition all have to be assessed when placing a value on Jamaica real estate. This task is normally undertaken by a Jamaica real estate appraiser. The Jamaica real estate appraiser uses several methods in determining Jamaica real estate value.


First he must look on the Jamaica real estate market by doing a sales comparison. This means that the Jamaica real estate property is valued based on what surrounding properties were sold for within a reasonable time. So if one property was sold for JMD$1,000,000 and another property, relatively same size and within the same community should be valued around this figure as well. When valuing Jamaica real estate this technique should yield an 85% accurate Jamaica real estate value.


The reproduction or replacement cost new, less accrued depreciation for Jamaica real estate is also used. This means if the property is lost to fire or flood that the full cost to replace the building would also be used. This is a skewed method and can only be utilized where the appraisal of Jamaican real estate building is considered. The income or capitalization of economic rents is used by calculating how much can be garnered for the rent of Jamaica real estate.


All three techniques are applied, if appropriate, in appraising improved Jamaica real estate commercial and industrial properties. The Jamaica real estate market and cost approaches are the bases of appraisal of improved residential properties. The value of vacant land is most often determined using the market approach. Whenever the Jamaica real estate assessor revalues the property any slight or major change in size or otherwise is taken into consideration.


The Jamaica real estate assessment procedure begins with establishing land value. Jamaica real estate appraisal practices require that land is to be valued as if vacant. This value is determined by analyzing sales of comparable Jamaica real estate bare land. The next step is to study sales and market trends of improved Jamaica real estate properties in a selected area. This sales analysis is used to determine total Jamaica real estate market value based on square footage, year built and other characteristics of the Jamaica real estate property. From this total Jamaica real estate value, subtract the amount determined for land. The balance is allocated to Jamaica real estate improvements.


Jamaica real estate property valuations are made by accredited real estate appraisers. The total Jamaica real estate valuation represents 100% of fair market value. Jamaica real estate market value is the amount of money a buyer, willing but not obligated to buy, would pay to a seller willing but not obligated to sell. For Jamaica real estate residential parcels, fair market value is determined by analyzing recent sales of comparable properties in the same area. Jamaica real estate commercial properties also may be appraised using this method or by using the income or cost approach. The appraisal method used will be the one that offers the best evidence of Jamaica real estate market value.

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