Jamaica real estate lawyers are very easy to locate and charge reasonable fees on property sale transactions.
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Jamaica Real Estate Lawyers

Locate Jamaica real estate lawyers and attorneys

Worldwide Realtors has provided a list of prospective Jamaica real estate lawyers. You can do a free search to come up with a list of lawyers. There are different types of Jamaica real estate lawyers, so you need to look for one with expertise where you need it. Subcategories of Jamaica real estate law include Residential Jamaica real estate, commercial Jamaica real estate, industrial Jamaica real estate, agricultural Jamaica real estate and landlord and tenant Jamaica real estate. Assessing a law firm will determine if they are right for your needs within the capacity of either purchasing or selling Jamaica real estate. Look at the experience of the lawyers and their law firms. It is easier to hire a lawyer with at least a few years of experience. Jamaica real estate lawyers who represent landlords, contractors, developers, banks and financial institutions may not represent Jamaica real estate consumers with problems in this area. If you are a consumer, look at the profile for the Jamaica real estate lawyer and his or her firm to see whom they primarily represent.


It is key to examine the list of the Jamaica real estate lawyers representative clients. One major question is if the Jamaica real estate lawyer represents other businesses or people in similar situations. A residential Jamaica real estate lawyer should be able to give you the names of a few Jamaica real estate agents, Jamaica real estate contractors and Jamaica real estate escrow companies. You should be provided with a copy of the Jamaica real estate lawyer’s retainer agreement and have it explained to you before decide on retaining the lawyer or the Jamaica real estate lawyer’s law firm. You may end up paying a lot of money to the Jamaica real estate lawyer who you retain so make sure you understand what you are signing.


There are basically two types of Jamaica real estate lawyers, those who handle lawsuits called Jamaica real estate litigators and those who handle contract matters called transactional Jamaica real estate lawyers. Some Jamaica real estate lawyers handle both types of matters, but most of them tend to specialize in one area or the other. If you are involved in a lawsuit look for a Jamaica real estate litigator. It’s sometimes hard for consumers to find legal representation in this area, if you have been sued by or if you are looking to bring a lawsuit against a landlord, a contractor, a developer, or a financial institution, any of which can afford to hire good Jamaica real estate lawyers. So the best chance you may have for effective legal representation is if there are consumer protection statutes that you can rely on. The Jamaican Rent Act and other legal statute is written to protect the buyer and the tenant more than the landlord or the vendor.


Below is a list of our picks of Jamaica real estate lawyers.

Rattray Patterson Rattray Telephone
[email protected] 876-929-6680
Scott Bhoorasing & Bonnick Telephone
[email protected] 876-946-3856
Churchill Neita & Company Telephone
[email protected] 876-922-2255
Brown - Hamilton & Associates Telephone
Barnes Winsome Yvonne & Assoc Telephone
[email protected] 876-906-8890
Foga Daley & Co Telephone
[email protected] 876-927-4371
Facey L Howard & Co. Telephone
[email protected] 876-920-1000
Codlin Raphael & Co. Telephone
[email protected] 876-922-0279
Dunn Cox Orret & Ashenheim Telephone
[email protected] 876-922-1500
Charles Campbell Telephone
[email protected] 876-920-3707
Knight Pickersgill & Dowding Telephone
[email protected] 876-922-3971
Levy Hugh & Abel Telephone
[email protected] 876-978-2806
McNeil & McFarlane Telephone
[email protected] 876-978-9291
Palomino Gordon-Palomino Telephone
[email protected] 876-946-9363
Morgan Alton E & Co Telephone
[email protected] 876-929-1256
Ramsey Roberts L & Assoc Telephone
[email protected] 876-978-2008
Patterson Mair Hamilton Telephone
[email protected] 876-920-4000
Ernest A Smith & Co Telephone
[email protected] 876-967-1490
Myers Fletcher & Gordon Telephone
[email protected] 876-922-5860
Stewart Williams Charmin & Co Telephone
[email protected] 876-922-0727


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