Jamaica Property Values appreciate based on specific reasons.
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Jamaica Property Value Appreciation

Learn how Jamaica properties increase in value

This section reviews what is the approximate appreciation of Jamaica real estate. Over the last two decades the value of Jamaica real estate has soared by almost 100% in some communities. The most popular Jamaica real estate that had appreciated since then has been the St. Catherine area real estate.


Appreciation is the increase in value of Jamaica real estate over time due to inflation, supply and demand of Jamaica real estate, capital improvements and other factors. Most Jamaica real estate investors purchase income property for cash flow and capital appreciation.  Jamaica real estate values appreciate in value over time due to inflation. Inflation is caused by an increase in the amount of money in circulation. You can increase the value of Jamaica real estate by making cost-effective improvements.  Improvements such as siding, a new roof, a new addition, new carpeting, landscaping and paint. Supply and demand can cause the value of Jamaica real estate to go up or down. Oversupply can cause Jamaica real estate values to fall and undersupply can cause Jamaica real estate prices to appreciate. Mortgage interest rates can greatly affect the demand for Jamaica real estate. As Jamaica real estate mortgage rates increase, the demand for real estate decreases and vise versa. Higher interest rates translate into higher mortgage payments for single-family home-buyers and inadequate cash flows for              income Jamaica real estate property investors.  Falling mortgage rates result in greater demand for Jamaica real estate and faster appreciation.


The location of Jamaica real estate can affect how fast it appreciates in value. Water properties have been increasing in value at a fast pace. Population increases usually translate into higher Jamaica real estate prices. The demand for Jamaica real estate in general has been increasing over time due to population increases. The prime example is in Portmore St. Catherine, Jamaica.


If you had bought a $400,000 Portmore St. Catherine house in 1994 by 2004 that same property was valued at JMD$1,200,000, a 300% increase and in 2006 it valued just under JMD$1,500,000. This is based on mass urbanization of this area. Some Jamaica real estate markets have experienced more price growth than others while some Jamaica real estate markets have seen less price growth than others. One such location is in the Kingston Jamaica area. This is due to limited growth and demand for properties in the Kingston area due to an already high Jamaica real estate price.


We have looked on a median increase in the value of Jamaica real estate over the last decade. In our research we have broken down the increases on value in Jamaica real estate into several categories, Residential, Commercial Agricultural and Industrial.


Type Of Real Estate % Increase
Residential Jamaica Real Estate 43
Commercial Jamaica Real Estate 68
Agricultural Jamaica Real Estate 33
Industrial Jamaica Real Estate 39


Once we have isolated these types of Jamaica real estate we are now better able to determine that it is now better to purchase Jamaica real estate than to rent across the island. This can be easily determined because of the following factors:

- The value of Jamaica real estate appreciates tremendously

- When rent value of Jamaica real estate increases the mortgage costs remain the same.

- Owning Jamaica real estate increases net worth while rents decrease net worth.


These facts pertain to all categories of Jamaica real estate. Worldwide Realtors reviews these figures on a year over year basis and though we agree that others might have slightly different figures our estimations are based on the sale price of Jamaica real estate over the time period analyzed by parish.

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