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Properties For Sale In Jamaica

Jamaica, just as many other countries in the Caribbean attracts not only tourists but those seeking to buy and invest in real estate. This is not mostly popular in Jamaica as to St. Kitts or the Bahamas due to the negative perception of the media, none the less Jamaica is still a beautiful place to retire and buy a house that is on sale. That is what most retired Jamaican who has gone abroad to work has done.
None Jamaicans may just look for a vacation home for sale so they have their personal space when they vacate.

The retired Jamaican when moving back to his or her home country can always afford the best quality of land and also quantity depending on their plan which benefits them greatly. What is popular in Jamaica though is the land being passed down to family members and those lucky to inherit is able to build a home for them.

A wide range of properties are available in Jamaica from studio flats, large 3 bedroom house and more or even some commercial buildings. The can be found mostly along the coast like Negril or Montego Bay or on the hillsides in places like Stony Hill in Kingston. The properties that are detached mostly have pools due the large land size. And since recently there are creating residential areas with leisure facilities and other features to enjoy especially increase security through building enclosed communities. Richmond Estate is an example of this.

To go even further to attract buyers the Government reduced the Stamp Duty and Transfer Tax. Stamp Duty and Transfer Tax was reduced to 3% and 4% respectfully, which gives a good incentive to investors. If you are in a good financial position or is a liquid investor buying property is a good idea to do now.

Due to the global economic crisis we experienced recently investors were affected negatively even though the devaluation of the Jamaican dollar would have made it even more affordable for overseas investors to acquire properties for sale. As time passes however and the country recovers, somewhat, increases the demand for properties on sale all over the island and even luxurious vacation homes for sale also.

As a result there is good news for people wishing to acquire property in Jamaica to live or investors alike, with the tax incentives and other actions of the Government making it even more pleasing for buyers of properties for sale.

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