Understanding the Jamaica property market and how real estate transactions work.
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Jamaica property market

The island of Jamaica is very beautiful. The climate is a tropical one and it is one of the largest Caribbean islands. The country has been independent since 1962 which means it’s been independent for nearly 50 years. It is said by many that the diverse culture and heritage that the country has makes it unique. The Jamaican motto is ‘out of many one people’.

The heritage includes Chinese, British, African, Indian, Irish and German.

Jamaican has a lot of tourist visits per year and thus is a very popular tourist destination. The country sees a lot of British and American visitors yearly. Since the country has a lot of tourist visits, it has become somewhat dependent on this and has many attractions island-wide. A few attractions include the Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios, St. Ann, which is a huge waterfall and the Blue Mountain which a lot of tourists enjoy climbing. Negril, Jamaica is also a very popular resort town in the island which has a 7 mile long beach. This specific resort town has the highest tourist visits per year.

Kingston, which is the capital of Jamaica, is one of the main cities and though it sees many tourists, a great percentage of them are usually on business. The city area is very vibrant and fast moving.

Jamaica is also famous for its cuisine. Some of the most popular Jamaican dishes include jerk chicken, jerk pork, Jamaican patties, curried goat and roti, ackee and saltfish and rice and peas.
Reggae, which is the Jamaican music has many huge stars who became internationally known. Such stars would include Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff. There is now a Bob Marley museum in Kingston, which used to be his home and studio. It is a very well visited attraction and many fans of the former musician make their way there.

The island also attracts person who want to purchase property on the island. Though this has taken a negative turn over the years due to reports of crimes in the country, notwithstanding the fact that the island is a wonderful place to live, this area of ‘business’ is still in effect and property in the country is still widely sought out by foreigners.

Jamaica sees many retirees who were born in Jamaica but lived and worked overseas. These retired individuals come back to the country to purchase property and live. It also sees retirees from other countries who are seeking and great place to live in retirement.

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