Jamaica realtor fees and charges include commission charged to both vendor and purchasers.
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Jamaica Realtor Fees And Charges

Learn about the commission fees for Jamaica realtors

Commissions is how Jamaica realtors levy their charges on vendors and landlords of Jamaica real estate. Jamaica real estate realtor commissions are negotiable. They can vary between 3%-5%, depending on the type of Jamaica real estate property, current Jamaica real estate market conditions, and the sellers motivation. The allowable commission is set by the Jamaica Real Estate Board, the government body that regulates the actions and licenses of Jamaica real estate realtors.


The actual commission can be lower depending on the terms of the listing agreement between the vendor and the Jamaica realtor. When Jamaica real estate is listed, the commission is given to the vendors Jamaica real estate agent. When agents show properties to potential buyers typically they will show Jamaica real estate offering 3% before the ones offering 2.5%. If your property is offering 2.5% to the other agents, it will get fewer showings meaning fewer people will even look at your Jamaica real estate. As a result you will be assisting other vendors sell their Jamaica real estate first. However the commission given to Jamaica real estate realtor is well spent money.

The commission charged by the Jamaica real estate broker is actually to pay for the following services rendered by the agent to the vendor.

a.)    Advertisement in the local newspapers.

b.)    Listings with other Jamaica realtors.

c.)     Postings on websites of Jamaica real estate property availability.

d.)    Provide an accurate overview of the sale price of the Jamaica real estate property.

e.)    Helps in speeding up the process of selling Jamaica real estate.

f.)      Access to Jamaica real estate market appraisal data.

g.)    Advice on the most appropriate method of sale such as auction or private treaty.

h.)    The development and implementation of a Jamaica real estate marketing plan.

i.)      Advice on how to present your Jamaica real estate to the public.

j.)      Access to a large numbers of buyers of Jamaica real estate.

k.)    Screening of potential buyers of your property.

l.)      Assistance when negotiating the best price for your Jamaican property.

m.)  Effective administration of all legal and financial requirements for sale of Jamaica real estate.


The commission earned provides all these benefits to the vendors and allows the Jamaica real estate agent to cover the cost of overhead, computers, office equipment, transportation, signs, advertisement and so on.


Jamaica realtor commissions also take place on the part of rentals as well. These are actually not termed as commissions but a basic fee. The common fee charged is one months rental. This means if Jamaica real estate is being rented for JMD$15.00 per month then the fee is JMD$15.00.


There are several benefits of hiring a Jamaica real estate realtor that allows you to get value from the money spent.

a.)    Placement in the local newspapers Jamaica real estate for rent section.

b.)    Access to a large numbers of qualified renters of Jamaica real estate.

c.)     Screening of potential tenants of your Jamaica real estate property.

d.)    Assistance when negotiating the best rental price for your Jamaican property.


If you do experience problems and find Jamaica realtors charging over Over or above 5% of sale price for Jamaica real estate sales or more than one month rental in a Jamaica real estate rental transaction then report them to the Jamaica real estate board.

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