Sell Jamaica property faster using these proven methods of improving your real estate.
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Sell Jamaica Property

Learn how to sell your Jamaica property faster

When you put your property on the Jamaica real estate market, you must make the property presentable to prospective buyers, this can be the difference between a quick sale and a long term sale. Without investing in expensive and time-consuming renovation and redecoration you can improve the look of your Jamaica real estate to have the sale quickly and to improve on your asking sale price. That first impression of prospective buyers of Jamaica real estate is fundamental. If at first look the property looks undesirable then  its less than likely that they will keep a good impression. This means that you should try to either bush the Jamaica real estate if its land only and if its land and building then effect some minor repairs to beautify the property.


Here is how we suggest beautifying Jamaica real estate at first look:

-        Cutting a lawn, trimming high bushes and cleaning all windows, planting a colorful flowers. Making the Jamaica real estate look colorful.

-          Fertilize and water the lawn and plants thoroughly 2-3 weeks before putting the house on the market.

-          Clean up any dark spots on driveways or in general area.

-          Swimming pools should be clean along with the pump and filters.

-          Clean up and throw away any junk or items laying around the yard.


Jamaica real estate that is land and building should be painted to improve the look slightly and to add to sale price and/or Jamaica real estate value. You can either wash down the building well or properly paint the building. Remove all rust areas from the building with the right chemicals. When preparing Jamaica real estate for sale concentrate on a clean front porch with a fresh looking front door that opens easily, repair any broken windows and run over the outside fence with stain paint. If you decide to sell Jamaica property then you should know that buyers react most strongly to the condition of kitchens, bathrooms and closets. As a investor looking to sell residential Jamaica real estate you should concentrate your efforts on these rooms. Before a showing to the public you should change door handles and light switch plates that might be dirty. Replacing existing shower curtains and sink faucets can improve the look on these rooms as Jamaica real estate.


Preparing Commercial Jamaica Real Estate For Sale

Commercial Jamaica real estate is a bit different, because these are two separate categories that one must choose from, whether storage or office space. The offices should be well cleaned and the area painted to create the strong atmosphere in the area. It is imperative that you make the adjustments to prevent the prospective buyers from thinking that they need to do major repairs to the real estate. If there is an issue it will also have the double effect of slowing down the sale process and devaluing the potential sale price of the commercial Jamaica real estate.


Check to see that all office doors open and close freely and that any burned out light bulbs are replaced. Brighter lights enhance many rooms. Steam clean the carpets if new carpeting is not possible and to help eliminate any odors. This is a major problem with commercial Jamaica real estate. Wash and wax linoleum office floors. Repair or replace damaged or missing tiles where necessary these give a room an unsightly look and reduce the price of Jamaica real estate as tiles and tiling labor is not a cheap Jamaican commodity.


Commercial Jamaica real estate has always neglected office bathrooms and left these in a semi unsightly manner. Vertical blinds are a popular addition to commercial real estate in Jamaica, they give a these should kept open while viewing as the light enhances the look and feel of an office.

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