Jamaica realtors have many purposes, here is a guide of how to choose a Jamaica realtor
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Jamaica Realtor - How To Choose One

Make The Best Choice for A Jamaica Real Estate Agent

Worldwide Realtors has compiled a list of what to look for in a Jamaica real estate realtor when and if you decide to choose one to either assist you in locating Jamaica real estate to buy or to lease or in selling your Jamaica real estate. A good Jamaica real estate agent should exhibit:

- Good local Jamaica real estate market knowledge.

- The Jamaica real estate realtor markets through, newspaper and internet.

- The agent gives the best value for commission rate on the sale or lease of Jamaica real estate.


Most Jamaica realtors are vendorís agents, meaning they only represent Jamaica real estate vendors and leasers interests to the disadvantage of Jamaican real estate purchasers and lessees.


Look for experience in your Jamaica real estate agent. The Jamaica real estate profession has a high rate of turnover, which means lots of new brokers are constantly moving in and out of Jamaican realtor agencies and companies. If youíre considering working with a particular Jamaica real estate realtor they should have been practicing for at least three years.


The Jamaica real estate agent should be committed. Many real estate agents only practice on a part-time basis and they might not have the time or drive to give you the attention you deserve. Also, many Jamaica realtors are only interested in representing properties within a certain price range.


Evaluate prospective Jamaica real estate agents based on personality as well. Your relationship with your Jamaica real estate agent will be a working one.


Find a Jamaica real estate agent who can work with your schedule. If you can only see Jamaica real estate on evenings and weekends, you wonít go very far with an agent who only works days.


Ask your Jamaica realtor exactly what they will do to sell your property, if they are proactive or they seem as if they have a weak sales strategy. This might mean the difference between a long term sale and no sale period.


The Jamaica real estate agent should have an understanding of your needs also have a  willingness to work with you and posses a strong sense of professionalism. A Jamaica real estate agent is dedicated to their profession, a familiarity with the area in which you have an interest a familiarity with the price range in which you have an interest.


Jamaica realtor are licensee by the Jamaica real estate board a government agency that assigns a dealer number to each salesman or sales woman. Before working with any realtor ensure that they posses this number.


If you have any doubt about a Jamaica real estate realtor that you have chosen, speak to the real estate board. However the best way to start is to ask your Jamaica real estate broker the following questions:

a.)    For how long have you been in Jamaica real estate realtor?

b.)    Are you a full time or a part time Jamaica real estate realtor?

c.) Which areas of Jamaica real estate do you specialize in?

d.)    How many lots of Jamaica real estate sales did you participate in last year?

e.)    What is the average sold price of Jamaica real estate you sold last year?

f.)      Do you normally work with Jamaica real estate sellers or Jamaica real estate buyers?

g.)    How many local Jamaica real estate clients are you presently serving?

h.)    Can you give me any references for sale or purchase of Jamaica real estate?


Depending on how the Jamaica real estate agent answers these questions will determine how you view or handle this matter. To locate a Jamaican real estate broker you should view our Jamaica real estate realtor listing.

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