Regardless of the actual Jamaican property value of your Jamaica real estate, the art of negotiating a price can make or break how much profit you make. Instead of waiting for the right price you learn to negotiate better. Jamaica real estate negotiation is a skill that you will need to have in order to get the best price out of a real estate transaction in Jamaica. The obvious fact is that most real estate sales in Jamaica are done on the open market and not in foreclosure deals. Worldwide realtors examine the art of negotiating when purchasing Jamaica real estate.

Know More about Jamaica real estate.

Information is fundamental when it comes time to buy or sell Jamaica real estate. You need to know the Jamaica real estate market, the law, and as much as you find out about the seller’s tax status. If a Jamaica real estate owner is eager to sell it might mean that there is something about that community that you should know. The best question to ask a Jamaica real estate seller is ‘Why are you selling?’ Ten chances to one he might not give you an honest answer, but it is always best to ask. Finding out how long the Jamaican property has been on the market, how many competing offers there are and at what price will affect you and possibly might indicate if you will have difficulty selling the Jamaican property at a later date.

Get the Jamaica real estate inspected.

A lot of hidden details about Jamaica real estate will be revealed if you get it professionally inspected. Any defects you find can then be used during negotiations to lower the overall sale price of the Jamaican property. Jamaican property owners in the surrounding areas can point out problems within the community that the Jamaica real estate seller might not reveal. New repairs can be a good indicator the property was either not maintained well and that there might be other defects found if you take a closer look. Jamaican real estate can deteriorate or improve and that will affect the future value of the Jamaican property.


When buying or selling Jamaican real estate it makes sense to have your financing in order. As a potential Jamaica real estate buyer you should get a pre-qualification letter but don’t just make sure you are pre-qualified or pre-approved, have the cash in hand for deposit on Jamaica real estate. That will be much more persuasive than any promise you can give to a home owner. A Jamaica real estate seller should ensure that there are no outstanding Jamaican property taxes.

How to Bid on Jamaica real estate.

Always make your first offer on Jamaica real estate not a round figure. You might want to bid 41,350 instead of 42,000. This might put a Jamaica real estate seller potentially off guard and make them wonder as to why you decided on that exact price. This will have two effects, first he/she might wonder if you have some information about the property and he might also think that this is exact cash in hand you have. In either case The Jamaica real estate seller might become immediately more interested in your bid.

Bid Fairly on Jamaica real estate

Be sure to give the Jamaica real estate seller a fair offer. A fair offer equitable with what other Jamaica real estate like the one you are bidding is selling for on the market. Don’t go above the asking price and too much below but give a middle ground figure. For Jamaica real estate sellers, never start your price off too low in the hopes that you will start a bidding war on your Jamaican property. The price of Jamaica real estate is only one of many items you can negotiate the asking price.